My Journey


My yoga journey presented itself to me in April of 2010, in Las Vegas, of all places. 

I was transitioning out of a physically and emotionally abusive relationship when I took my first yoga class at 24hr fitness, and met my first teacher, Karen, an Anusara teacher. With her loving guidance, she took my hand, and started me on my journey. Seven months later, I was laid off from my job, forced to move back to Los Angeles to find work, and my mother passed away. In a span of eight months, several life altering events shook me. Emotionally, I had hit rock bottom, and luckily yoga was there to pick me up when I desperately needed it.

In early 2011, I settled into Los Angeles, found my teacher, Tony Giuliano, and his studio, Yoga at The Raven. Tony’s studio, his teachers, and fellow students, continued to nurture my love for the practice of yoga over the next six years. 

In 2016, I completed my first 200hr teacher training with Tony, at The Raven. And, so began a new chapter; from student into teacher.  Through years of mediation, alignment based asana classes, and yoga philosophy, my way of thinking began to change. I realized that yoga wasn't just about the physical body, but the heart and mind as well.  

My Mission


With the use of good biomechanics, my classes are focused on body alignment, muscle energy, and stretching, in a safe way. I want all of my students to feel accepted, loved, and acquire a better understanding of body awareness while moving through asanas. Mediation and breath work are also part of my teaching style, in order for the student to turn inward and calm the mind.
My yoga journey may have started from a dark place, but it ended up in the light. Good things do come from bad things. 

I’ve seen it, I’ve lived it. 

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